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Reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian may be one busy mommy these days but the 32-year-old D-A-S-H co-owner always makes time for her son. Kourtney opens up to xoJane.com and dishes about bringing her one-year-old son Mason to social events, admitting when she needs a little help, and the daily difficulties she faces balancing work and motherhood.

Although the Keeping Up with the Kardashians starlet admits that she likes to be a hands-on mom 24/7, her demanding work schedule often affects her desire to be a no-nanny woman.

“I do have help,” the beautiful brunette admits. “But I don’t like to have help. Because I like to do it all, but it’s like balancing work. I would say my biggest challenge as a mom is balancing work with being a mom. Because I love to just be with Mason all day. And luckily, with our work I can. He is with me most of the time when we are filming, you know, whatever stuff.”

Kourtney – who has been dating Mason’s father Scott Disick for quite some time – continues to reveal that when she is unable to take Mason on the job with her, she makes sure to set up things for him to do while she is gone.

“But like today we are doing press for our Sears collection literally all day long from 6 am until 10 pm tonight. But also Scott’s there with him — like I’ve set things up. Like he has a play date with a little girlfriend today. So I set things up so he is busy. But I do have help, though I like to do like as much as I can. If I have a day off, that’s when I don’t have any help.”

Kourtney claims that social events, such as dinners out with friends, do not dictate babysitters.

“If it’s not a work thing — if I’m going out to dinner with my friends, I don’t have someone watch him. I don’t, like, go get a massage and have someone watch him. If I go to dinner he comes with me.”

So how does this busy mama of one keep her love life strong? With date night of course!

“Scott and I just set a once-a-week date night,” she says, “but it took me this long to set [last night's date].Because I always bring Mason with me to dinner.”

Kourtney continues to reveal that, like many moms out there, she feels guilty leaving little Mason behind while she steps out with Scott for some one-on-one time together but having the support – and babysitting privileges – of her family makes it more bearable.

Read more of Kourtney and her sister Khloe’s interview with Jane Pratt at xojane.com!

Source: Celebrity Baby Scoop

Kourtney is such a great mom! I love her.

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Stepping out for publicity duties, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian made an appearance inside a Cerritos, California Sears store earlier today (September 18).

The reality star siblings showed off their exclusive Kardashian Kollection wares while signing autographs and snapping pictures with hundreds of eagerly awaiting fans.

Appearances > 2011 > September 18: Kardashian Kollection Meet & Greet

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Finally drawing an end to her stay on the east coast, Kourtney Kardashian was spotted at LAX Airport with Kim on Saturday (September 17).

The E! reality stars most likely came back to L.A for a Kardashian Kollection meet & greet, and to watch brother Rob Kardashian on Dancing With The Stars.

Candids > 2011 > September 17: Arriving at LAX Airport

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At a Playstation event, to celebrate the launch of Uncharted 3 (Sept. 14), Kourtney Kardashian told The Huffington Post that, “it’s especially hard to relax while we’re filming.” Kardashian was so overwhelmed that she was literally “having a panic attack” yesterday.

Kylie Jenner, 14, made her catwalk debut walking in Avril Lavigne’s show for her rocker-girl clothing line Abbey Dawn. It was a family affair with Kourtney and Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner sitting front row, along with half-brother Brody Jenner.

“We had so much fun,” said Kardashian. “We’re always big supporters of whatever one of us is doing, so we all were there. We wouldn’t miss it. It was just so much fun cheering her on and watching her walk out. And she rocked it. She looked great in the outfit, and she had so much confidence. We always support each other — no matter what.”

As for next season’s New York Fashion Week, Kardashian would love to see her and her sisters’ Kardashian Kollection debut in the tents.

“I think that would definitely be a dream — maybe next season,” Kardashian coyly said. “That would be so amazing to have my sisters’ walk. We would have to do that. It would have to be them.”

Meanwhile, the reality star is currently filming season two of her hit E! reality series, “Kourtney & Kim Take New York.” And with all of the cameras constantly following her, it sometimes makes this Kardashian feel unsettled.

“I was having a moment yesterday,” said Kourtney. “I was really having a panic attack. When we were driving, it was gridlock traffic, and everywhere I looked, there were just so many people. I was just like, there’s nowhere to go. I need a place to go to take a deep breath. I think it’s especially hard because we’re filming too, so even when I’m in my hotel room — which is where people normally can relax — there’s a million people, and crew everywhere. So it was a tough day yesterday. When every moment is constantly being filmed, it’s hard to relax.”

Yet, all of the craziness makes her appreciate the quiet time she spends with boyfriend Scott Disick and her one-year-old son Mason even more special.

“Last Sunday was my first day off in two weeks, so it was just nice to relax,” said Kardashian. “Mason, Scott and I went to visit Scott’s parents in the Hamptons and literally did nothing but go to the park and relax and play. The only thing I packed was a t-shirt, jeans, flats, no make-up, just put my hair in a bun and had a pair of sunglasses. It was amazing.”

Source: Huffington Post

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Continuing her path to world modeling domination, Kylie Jenner appeared on the runway at the Abbey Dawn by Avril Lavigne fashion show this evening (September 12).

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” cutie walked the catwalk at the Metropolitan Pavilion three different times as part of Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week.

And of course, Kylie’s sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner were in the house to show their familial support, as well as her brother Brody Jenner and Kim’s husband Kris Humphries.

Appearances > 2011 > September 12: Abbey Dawn Spring 2012 Fashion Show

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Kourtney Kardashian attends the Alice + Olivia Spring 2012 presentation during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Highline Stages on September 12, 2011 in New York City. Kourtney was wearing a black & white dress, with her hair up, finishing with black stilettos. She looks great!

Appearances > 2011 > September 12: Alice + Olivia Presentation

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Still situated on the east coast, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were spotted making their way around New York City on Saturday afternoon (September 10).

The E! reality television starlets both looked colorful as Kim led the way in a white and black outfit topped off with a red jacket while a blue and white clad Kourtney followed behind alongside her babydaddy beau, Scott Disick.

Candids > 2011 >

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Kourtney is on the cover of Lucky Magazine‘s November 2011 cover! Kourtney isn’t the only one, as Kim & Khloe have their own covers as well! Make sure to pick up all 3! I know I will :) Kourtney posted about this on her blog, saying,

How fab is this? Kim, Khloe and I each have our own cover for Lucky Magazine for their November issue!

The issue is out on October 11 so make sure you grab a copy (or three, lol!)

Love her so much!

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From TV to the tabloids to Sears, the Kardashians are everywhere.

The sisters, Kim, Kourtney and Khloé, are launching a new a new clothing line. The Kardashian Kollection is exclusively at Sears.

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian checked via satellite from New York to give Tara Hitchcock the lowdown. They say they’re extremely involved with every aspect of the new line.

“We love fashion so much we could never just hand it off,” Kourtney said.

“From start to finish, we’ve been involved in the whole process,” Kim continued. “We’re really hands on.”

“We helped pick out the buttons and the prints and everything,” Kourtney said. “We approve every last little detail.”

One thing you’ll definitely see in the Kardashian Kollection is animal prints.

“Our grandmother always taught us that animals prints are so classic and timeless,” Kourtney said. “You can definitely invest your money it because it won’t go out of style.”

The sisters are best known for their family’s reality show, “Keep Up With the Kardashians,” which is now in it’s sixth season on E! The show was an instant hit for the network, spawning three spin-offs.

The Kardashian Kollection is the trio’s latest “kollaboration.” The clothing line is in Sears stores now.

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Having cranked out another full day of filming, well-dressed sisters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were spotted arriving back to their New York City hotel on Thursday night (September 1).

With the seemingly always-present cameras still rolling, the E! reality beauties were decked out in colorful attire as they carried bagfuls of clothing after having spent time at their Dash boutique.

Candids > 2011 > September 1: At Dash with Kim

Candids > 2011 > September 1: Going Back to her Hotel

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